There is an amazing array of music and entertainment available now and SOUNDVOX gives you acces to it, letting you connect with it, get it into your car and into your life. there are so many ways to enjoy your mobile entertainment, too. Soundvox provides the most powerful and dynamic experience possible, taking you not only beyond stereo, but also beyond anything you've seen or heard before. Most importantly, though, Soundvox makes the drive come alive - connecting all of your entertainment and creating the most pleasurable experience you can have in your car.

Committed To High Quality & Reliability
Years of experience in Car Audio field enables us to supply superior products at the most competitive prices. Our streamlined Car Audio factory in Shenzhen, China, have a total space of 27,000sq.ft..with 6 production lines.

From design to production, every detail is handles by a modernized line system. High quality, high performance andshortened delivery time for surpassing others in the industry are indeed a quality Smart-tech is highly proud of.

With a goal to become a Car Audio Leader. Smart-tech will double its effoets to develop future oriented strategic products. Our mission is to pursue, and promote "quality frist " to reach a stage of impeccable quality and determinedspirit of professional craftsmanship. .

To Our Customers
It gives us a great deal of pleasure to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for our encouragement and support which have contributed to the growth of "Smart - tech" that we enjoy today.

Smart - tech was established since June 1994, We are your reliable source for Car Audio and Car A/V Products.

Smart - tech Electronics has been making continuous contributions to produce the quality goods and dynamic models. Our expertise enable us to maintain high-performance Car Audio products to meet with customers requests and at low cost. To remain competitive, we have a team of experience KOREAN and Chinese engineers to design our products up to the customer needs and standard.

Future Planing
We are currently developing on several large OEM projects and it is the policy of our company to continue the expansion and diversification of its OEM customer base. The company has concentrated its research and effort on development of new products and improvement of existing products and production process. Our engineer work closely with the marketing and productionpersonnel to ensure that direction of research and development is in line with market trends and achieve the maximum productivity.



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